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  1. Hi Maxx,

    Thank you for volunteering for the COM. We do much of our communications through Basecamp so can you let me know the email address you prefer to be loaded into Basecamp so you can be kept up to date on communications and meetings for the COM?

  2. Your church is more than kind to our Al-anon group. Mary Hayward went above and beyond when we couldn’t remember if we had made our contribution. Our little Saturday group is especially appreciative that we can meet at 10:00, even if we are the only group meeting at this time. Our room is so warm and inviting. I am really convinced there is a need for AA and Al-Anon in Maquoketa and am so happy that you have provided us with such an inviting place to meet. Would you mind sharing this message with your board?

    Carole Larkey

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