From The Pastor

If you’re reading this message—maybe for the first time—I’m going to assume that you’re looking for a different kind of spiritual community.

 A spiritual community where truly all are welcome, no matter your religious background, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.   A spiritual community where people actually grow in their faith. A place where spirituality isn’t just talked about, but is lived, practiced, and prayed.

 A spiritual community where faith is alive and active. A place where being and doing are both valued and kept in creative tension.

A spiritual community that acts as if God is Still Speaking—to each of us, to the Church, and to the world.  This means that our job is to listen actively, with the understanding that our hearts and minds and lives will be changed.

 Maquoketa United Church of Christ is a different kind of spiritual community, although we do churchy things. We worship, we pray, we serve, we learn, and we eat together. We don’t expect perfection, in ourselves or others. We leave that to God. But we are passionate, funny, and fun-loving as we journey together in faith.

 The best way to learn more about our community is to join us for worship at 10 AM on Sundays, or find us on Facebook!

 As you look for a new spiritual home, it is our prayer that God will guide you and bless you!

One thought on “From The Pastor

  1. Greetings!

    I stumbled across the Maquoketa UCC website this morning while I was browsing for news about the Main Street renovations. I had to write to tell you how inspired and proud I am to find how much the church I grew up in has both changed and stayed true to its heritage.

    I remember our pastor in the 1960s, Chandler Adams, and his relentless commitment to social justice, peace, and compassion. Those values challenged many when applied to the issues of the day, but the congregation found its way. I see that today, with the open and affirming statement, the congregation again affirming these same values. I am proud to see my former church included in those ranks.

    I live in far away Tulsa today, but memories of UCC still warm my heart. Bless you, and everyone back in Maquoketa

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